Branding & Exhibition


Branding & Exhibition
Illustrator, Photoshop, Fusion 360
1 month

Working with 7 other designers, we curated an exhibition about the infinite paths one can take within design. Our goal was to express how everyone's experience and approach are different, our curiosities and wonders range, and how we define design in various ways and platforms.

My Role: Marketing, exhibition design (floor plans), & installation  

Group Members: Elijah Allen, Ali Burney, Helen Frost, Rachel Lee, Victoria Pantoja, Natalie Rejas, Linda SzeTo, Seth Zavagno

Opening Day

1:10 Scaled Model

The model helped my teammates and I to visualize the space before we set up for the real exhibition. This gave us a flexible platform to experiment with ideas before we used our materials and resources to create in full scale.

Floor Plans & Measurements

The floor plan design was intended to help guide visitors through each part of the narrative: inspiration, ideation, process, and creating. The traffic flow starts from the entryway. Visitors should see the word “start” at the opposing wall as they walk in and be able to begin going through the exhibition.

Job Cards

The purpose of these cards were to help visitors with finding their start in design. The cards explain information about a design based career path, along with a description of essential skills and expectations.

Created 18 job cards


Promotional Items

Flyers, stickers, and pins


We explored different visual languages, titles, and themes before coming up with Paths

The Setup

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