Brand X: Sephora
Experiential Design & Marketing

Brand X: Sephora

Experiential Design & Marketing
Fusion 360, Photoshop, Illustrator
2 months

The Fearless Tour is a North American brand-focused tour for Sephora. My team and I built a narrative that begins with asking people to embrace their inner king or queen and be fearless during their journey. The journey takes them through challenges that one has to conquer and is a driven space for realizing your self-worth, confidence, and inner strength. It is a space to connect, explore, and celebrate with the community of beauty lovers while being a social media haven for photos and an inclusive space to try new makeup concepts and techniques.

Team: Ali Burney, Kat Chen, Brittney Garcia, Natalie Rejas

Role: 3D modeling, rendering, social media

Brand X competition: Ranked 10th place out of 500 teams

The Narrative

When was the last time you felt brave? Or did something that made you feel fierce? Strong? Powerful? Sometimes, life doesn’t allow the opportunity for us to embrace ourselves, but not here. It’s the Fearless Tour and our sole purpose is to give that opportunity for you to find your inner strength and RULE. THEM. ALL. Take the challenges our spaces have to offer and celebrate your success among your community of royal, fearless leaders. Today, you are brave. Today you are fearless.

Floor Plan

40x40 Mobile freestanding container


Fear Less

“Fear Less” is inspired by nordic culture and is the official start of the event. Our first first room challenge begins with a self-reflection where people can write positive affirmations by finishing the phrase, “Today I am __”

Pucker Up

The room was inspired by the iconic brickwork and bright colors of the Aztec culture. We made the room a bold pink to reflect the challenge of embracing bold and bright lip colors.

Just Wing It

Inspired by ancient Egyptian gods. Thick, dark eyeliners, touches of gold, and the use of hieroglyphs inspired the room along with the challenge of creating a unique eyeliner look.

That Glo Tho

The room is made too feel like one is stepping into an ice palace with the use of LED glacial shaped floors and ice-like pillars. It was influenced by the Norwegian snow queen based in Denmark. The challenge for the room was to try a glitzy highlight and apply diamond face jewels. 

Completed Challenges

After completing the challenges from each of the rooms, attendees will receive a collectable gem exclusive to this event that can be later added to the crown they collect at the very end. This signifies that they have completed the entire Fearless experience.

Social Media

Each room will have a launch post dedicated to their space to help advertise for the fearless tour up until the day of the event.

User Journey

Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be You

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